Monday, May 4, 2009

An evening in Danok (Thailand)...

I have never felt so angry, so ashamed of my own country, my own people, my own Malaysian to be précised. Male, all of races from Malaysia. recent survey shows that most male come from Malaysia visits Thailand for sex services. (Noted that I used the word male, not men because, particularly, they are not men, they put themselves at par with other animals of their kind).

And they come for a reason, or two..Sex, pleasure, and sex. Sex and pleasure always come in one package. Women from Malaysia, come to Hadnyai for beautification. Hatnyai is very famous for its cheap surgery, yet effective. One example, Liposuction in Malaysia can cost about RM2, 500 to Rm5, 000 per session, while in hatnyai Rm1,000 per session. Tummy tucked is about RM2,500, and imagine what in Malaysia could be.

To see Malaysian faces in Thailand is blessing, as u can ease your tense and fatigue by speaking your own language. Not so many Thai can speak English, except for some well-educated pharmacist, and surgeons. Malay speakers are rare. but to see male Malaysian faces with Thai female escorts is a totally gross and sad experience mixed together, and I don’t know whether to curse at them being a male chauvinist or simply walk to them saying “shame on you, and your p**is, and may you be blessed with herpes and other sexual transmitted disease. Wish I could have the gut to say so.

Why I’m so sure that they are Malaysian? And they only come to Thailand for sex and pleasure? Firstly, some of them speak Malay, and if they are from other races, at the immigration check up, they hold Malaysian passport. Those who came all the way from as far as Johor by car, their cars bear the Malaysian registration numbers. My encounter at the parking space in front of so called SPA proved this claim. Or if anyone doesn’t believe me, you can take a look.
And they are not coming for family holiday. Well, every Malaysian knows what Hatnyai, Danok are famous for, if not a heaven to satisfy men’s sexual need, as if they can’t be satisfied with one, single loyal spouse, or at least, by masturbation.

They don’t come with their father, or mother, or son, or daughter or wife.But they come in one pack of people of their kind. Upon arrival, they book a female social escort or, in impolite language, prostitute, for at least three days. Whenever they ran out of money, they seek help from any Thai motorcyclists to bring them to Bukit Kayu Hitam Duty Free, where an ATM Maybank Machine is located. The charge varies from 8 to 10 ringgit. During the stay, they generously lavish that women with luxury, shopping and extra money in exchange for sex services offered.

My short interviews with them reveal some facts. They come from middle class social background, ranging from farmers, lower grade business men to government servants, and even police officers which I knew by their famous engraved belt with PDRM logo, despite of wearing plain cloth collared t-shirt. (They later admit working at narcotic department from bukit Aman, and are on duty. Well, I wonder if the duty covers washing hair at a red light district beauty parlour) luckily, I managed to snap photos with them, in front of a beauty parlour. At red light district area, in Hatnyai. (notice the Mercs benz they parked in front of the shop)

I guess many of Malaysian knows this fact, but like me, they have no idea how it happen, till they have a chance to see it. This is my 2nd visits, and yet I guess it’s already a gruesome experience for me. Who’s to blame? Is it the male for being Chauvinists and could not be able to control their lust?
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to answer this ever lamented question, and I guess, everyone has the answers... “tepuk dada tanya iman, tepuk dahi tanya akal...”
after all people, all of us are going to face the judgment day and obliged to answer to our Creator...all by ourselves, no lawyers or sort of..only we n our deeds, amal ibadah yang mukhlis..


pye:rudz said...

i went to haatyai once. and i never want to go there ever again. it has nothing to offer, at least to me.

Panglipulara© said...

nice blog

Basuh Baju said...

Never been to Thailand..But soon, I will..but as a man..not a male..hehe

महामंत्री - तस्लीम said...

Nice Blog. Congrats.
-Zakir Ali ‘Rajnish’
{ Secretary-TSALIIM & SBAI }
[Editor- Children’s Poem & Adult’s Poem]

nami o fish said...

Homo Sapiens,a weird spicies.

They thought they're far intelligent than the rest of Animal Kingdom,yet there still part of animal inside them.

Which they denies it.

Anonymous said...

Nice all Malaysian...this is a fact and please do not ashame ur country

aisya zaharin said...

nami : i strongly agree with fact, in certain cases, animals even behave more humanly than some of us. look at the way some mindless people who hve evil hearts, make dustbin as dumping site for their unwanted babies..

and the most sad part of it, it
involves my own race n religion..

Anonymous said...

Wow interesting tips! Now we know where to look. Thanks for the travel tips. Keep up the good work.